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Convert Legacy Paper Records


If you are moving from a paper based to an electronic health record, if you acquire new clinics that are paper based or if you just have legacy paper records after your COUNSELEAR deployment, we can assist you. The service is turnkey and designed to take the problem of paper-based records off you and your staff’s hands, keeping them serving your patients, instead of handling paper-based records.

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Our Process

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Assist the clinic with estimating the volume of records to be converted, decision making on what records should be considered, and boxing and palletizing records for shipment.

Work with the COUNSELEAR team and the clinic owner to create a patient file dump that is used in the conversion to key a patient name and query to obtain a valid COUNSELEAR patient ID.

Catalog and inventory records by location (if applicable) and verify records received for conversion.

Prepare records for conversion in an automated scanning operation, scan records and quality check all scans, and index records at the folder level by patient name.

Match patient names to COUNSELEAR patient ID’s and insert those values to index.

Look up mismatches in patient data and try to get a valid patient ID on misspellings, names with\without initials, married\divorced name changes, etc., and quality check the index.

Export content for upload to COUNSELEAR as PDF files named by patient ID, OCR content to create searchable files, conform uploads to COUNSELEAR & upload files.

Isolate files that could not be matched to a Patient ID & issue another upload with an ASCII file, named PDF's by Patient Name and DOB (if obtainable) or the default DOB 01/01/1900.

Upload PDF’s and upload file to COUNSELEAR for processing and creation of new patients in the system to attach content.

Conform a third export by patient name, patient ID and DOB as an archive copy sent directly to the clinic for long term archive backup.

Store files in a secure location pending authorization to destroy the records (typically 90 to 120 days post conversion delivery and confirmation of COUNSELEAR upload

Destroy files and issue a Certificate of Destruction detailing the records destroyed and issue to the end user.

What Are People Saying?

"Going paperless" is what I’ve knew I needed to do for a while, I just didn’t know where to start or who to contact, so I just kept putting it off until one day when I was forced to think about it upon remodeling my office and moving to a new location. I was working with a lot of different companies on the renovations and I did not want to buy more filing cabinets so they recommended Bruce and Bill and their companies Work Flow Solutions and Simplicity Online. All I did was call them and after only a couple of conversations we were on our way to having our charts picked up, scanned, and properly disposed of. I just gave them CounselEar‘s information and they took care of it from there. The next thing I knew I was a paperless office. Making this decision is probably the top two most important things I’ve done for my office growth as well as my sanity. They have since done many offices I personally know of. I will never look back — this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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Our process is comprehensive and involves significant amount of contact with the client during the process. In many cases the records are legacy in nature, not well organized, not well labeled and not well maintained. However, the end user expects that every effort to account for every record and to get a complete upload of their content is the desired result. Let us assist you in completing your investment in COUNSELEAR by fully digitizing your legacy records.